Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to Buckley I go!

The most bazaar thing happened. Our country, Turkmenistan, denied us from coming into their country. No one really knows anything other than we are all going home and calling on Thursday to see where and when they are able to send us out to another country. This whole trip has been a trip from crazyland. On my way to the airport I got a call from the airline saying that our flight was canceled... what? canceled? We got it all straightened out and put on another flight with another airline. This time instead of a direct flight to Philadelphia we are flying to San Fran, then to Philly. Awesome, got checked it and went through security. My phone rings again. WHAT?!?!? Second leg of this trip is canceled. We went to the desk and they already had our tickets printed out. So, now we are flying to Chicago, then to Philly getting in a 9pm. That worked out and we were able to get to Philadelphia. Sometimes you just have strange feelings about something that is going to happen and this definitely was one of those times. The entire morning before we were told we are going back home my stomach was on the fritz. Strange intuition. Next step is to go back to Buckley and start making phone calls to figure out where to go now.

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